Peduru Party - Sing along 2015

A Synopsis by Upali Ratnayaka
We sang along..... The president also took the mike and he can do more than broadband. When it came to Milton Mallawarachchi's soulful air, the company was energised but not exuberant. But when niGamini took the stand there was such movement and throwing up of hands with rising decbels.Who knew that professors could sing. Hilary said "Udeta hondata uganwala raata hondata daala gedara yanawa."It is to the credit of  Chathura et al that there was a coterie of lecturers present. We could safely say they would be the advocates of our cause. They certainly showed that they would not let the evening pass without considerable damage to egg hoppers and koththu..
Abey was "standing and delivering". Nuwani looked younger than her students.We had people from the 86 batch upto the 2014 batch.Shows a get-together is well up their list of to-do things.The hoppers were disappearing as fast as they appeared. Since there were so many fires burning no one had to queue.I had not met king Edward before. But I got to know him quite well even though I told him that I still prefer my friend Jonny Walker to him.. Kata gasma by the bar was tasty. There was enough for all.
Chathura , as the teacher told the bad student "Do it again".